Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 45

Sticking to the more traditional holiday palette & taking a cue from Mimi this frosted cranberry look rounds out my Christmas combos.



Mimi’s frosted cranberries utilized the stunning Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette & per usual I don’t own that. Instead I am “making due” with Maybelline Blushed Nudes & Sephora Pantone Watercolors.



I used the maybelline to dupe vermeer & antique bronze, layered fruit dove & cedar wood to recreate venetian red, & finished up with antique white for tempera.




It matched up pretty nicely!



  • “Vermeer” inner corner/lid
  • “Antique Bronze” outer corner, lower lashline, & crease
  • “Venetian Red” blending where the above 2 meet
  • Fruit Dove upper lashline
  • Antique White on browbone

My routine was pretty routine for the rest of my makeup; clinique & farsáli base, hourglass blush, mascara, & rhubarb bite lippie.


Taking this theme head to toe I did a simple look with my Love Tree sweater, Maurices cords, & Toms Brogues.


The pièce de résistance is my new squad necklace. It’s like a grown up version of those best friend half hearts we rocked back in the day. It’s a half sun half moon to represent the light we shine on each other. My cousin thinks it looks a bit like a dinosaur, lol.



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