Best in Black

For the first time maybe ever, I didn’t hear a single person ask a woman who she was wearing, how many gowns she tried on, or what she did to get in award season shape on the red carpet. Yes, there was still fashion coverage & yes, this blog will still feature my favorite ensembles, but the conversation was bigger than a best dressed list.

There was a solidarity not only between the actresses & actors, but also the tv personalities. Guiliana Rancic fielded Debra Messing’s criticism of E! during their interview on the network with grace¹. I knew from that moment this was going to be interesting.

I had only read about the black dress dress code beforehand so when I saw Michelle Williams arriving without Busy Phillips I knew something else must be planned as well. I was elated to learn that she had lead an initiative for the actresses in attendance to bring activists as their plus ones. Michelle & many others deftly deferred the attention to their dates spotlighting the many causes they represented. It was pretty damn inspiring to see & hear these ladies lifting each other up.

I don’t mind when “my” celebrities get political. Honestly, I prefer it. Probably because I feel a little jolt of unity & validation when we agree. You know what I’m talking about, like that feeling of “we could totally be friends.” Shut up, you’re lying if the thought has never crossed your mind when one of your favorite celebrities is interviewed & some minor detail jumps out & you say same.

There were many moments that stood out to me. The 2 I’ve already mentioned, Natalie Portman’s savage interjection during the presentation of the all male directing category, Barbara Streisand’s condemning follow up², Kelly Clarkson genuinely losing her shit for Meryl³, & of course, Oprah.

I was going to pluck a quote from Oprah’s Cecil B. DeMille acceptance, but frankly, I couldn’t choose a sound bite. For the whole thing click here. It’s worth it.

And now that I’ve used my platform for my choosing, here’s what this thing is usually about.



Also, maybe defeating the whole purpose of this post, here’s Zac Efron. Ted Bundy ready making me believe I would have for sure been murdered in the 70s.



¹ Pun not intended, but hella funny just the same.

² No offense to Babs or Yentyl, but how the fuck is she the only female director to win a Golden Globe? Get your shit together, HFPA.


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