Miscellanea January 18



January seemed to be a good time cozy up on the couch & watch all the things.

Baywatch & Kingsman Golden Circle were not my picks, but were pretty fun. Elton John in Kingsman was hysterically adorable. War Dogs was one I’d been wanting to see, but ended up not caring for except for the soundtrack. It was nostalgic for the early 2000s & melancholic as hell.

Ingrid Goes West was pretty interesting. It was funny, dark, unsettling, & uncomfortable. It makes you want to take a hard look at social media interactions & mental healthcare.

I had not watched The Mindy Project since hulu picked it up. It was one of my favorite shows, but for some reason the streaming never seemed to work for me. I decided we’d have to just suffer through the poor service cause I had to see how it all ended for Shulman & Associates. Though it went much as expected it was really fun spending time with those characters again. Mindy did something really special on that show. Her protagonist was not always reliable or a good role model, but you can’t help to cheer her on. Mindy Kaling is essentially the Indian comedy version of Shonda Rhimes.

Speaking of funny Indians The Big Sick is now in the running for my favorite movie. Holly Hunter & Ray Romano were so funny & endearing while Kumail & Zoe are freaking adorable. Kumail & Emily are even more adorable & totally #relationshipgoals


Only 1 theater trip this month, The Last Jedi on New Year’s day. I teared up pretty much every damn time Carrie Fisher was on the screen. Great movie. Love what they’re doing with the franchise. The Force Awakens was a real nostalgia fest & this felt fresher, really like a new guard is taking up the mantle.



So this is a murder mystery podcast set up like an old timey radio drama. I ran across it when I was looking up Anna Chlumsky while watching My Girl on tv. It’s 10 episodes so I decided to give it a listen while I waited for my next audio book. It plays out like a game of Clue, very kitschy.

I like to start the year off with empowering or self help style books. This year I chose 2 different styles both by women who have been at the top of their chosen field. I found some really great things to take away from both of them. Sheryl Sandberg makes a compelling demand for women to stop systematically removing themselves from the workforce cause God knows there are plenty of others doing that for us. Liz Gilbert on the other side coaches everyone to find their creativity & nuture it in whatever way fits your life. These books work surprisingly well with each other primarily because they both take a very practical approach to their topics.


Twisted Ranch in St Louis is worth the wait!  I think we waited an hour on a Saturday at lunch. We were in the back corner, like this is it. There will be a wait, no way around it. The deal with this place is they do 27 homemade ranches daily. We did a flight of 13 with fries & fried prosciutto mozz sticks. We also split a burger. It was fun, fast without feeling rushed, & delish. Our favorite was the Always Sunny in Fetadelphia. Yes, you can take your ranches home. You can even get a bottle to go, which I’m still wishing I would have.


Feeling more than a little inspired by the Golden Globes black dress dress code I made a small donation to the Times Up Legal Defense Fund. You can do the same here.

After a very early morning trip to St Louis for her Missouri State University audtion we were in bed surprisingly early! We went shopping at the galleria after lunch at twisted & still made it in bed before 9pm. Always worth it.


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