Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 47

How to dress for cold weather:

  1. Take your pants off
  2. Get back into bed

When that’s not an option just embrace the icy blue bareness that is winter in the Midwest.


  • Izod Shirt
  • Maurices Sweater
  • Charming Charlie Baubles
  • Maurices Leggings
  • Toms Brogues
  • Chinois Green lid
  • Almay Green crease
  • Cascade blend
  • Honeydew corners & brow

Now before you get all correctional on me, I am aware these are greens & not blues. They’re in the blue green family though & in this context have a frigid appeal.



5 thoughts on “Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 47

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