Celebration of Celebrity

The globes were a solemn stand of solidarity, the SAG a celebration of celebrity. Without skipping a beat the SAG awards red carpet effortlessly continued the conversation while bringing style back to play. Color, texture, & pattern were on display.


The This Is Us ladies even all accidentally repped a radiant blue.


First time host, Kristen Bell crushed it as the first ever SAG awards host & on the carpet.

Not to be outdone the guys also brought it. Honestly, a veteran carpet goer could learn a thing or 2 from these kids. They look good!


Chris Sullivan in Brooks Brothers is quite the sight.

Daniel Kaluuya was understated, but look at those loafers!

Emily V. Gordon is giving me baby bang fever. Her shimmery bronze gown was similar to Nicole Kidman’s, but I prefer hers….& her date. Kumail has long been a favorite of mine, but his Times Up red carpet response & constant push for Emily’s equal representation for the movie they wrote together is positively heartening.

I always really enjoy the SAGs because it’s an unabashedly egotastic lovefest among actors. For one evening celebrating their contemporaries success does not dampen their own.


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