Beauty Winter Scent

Considering my abundant love of the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Fragrance Collection I was pleasantly surprised to find new scents when I scooped up my sephora mini beauty haul.

I had initially planned to pick up a full size Stella, but Sephora was having a special on minis & rollerballs. This really worked out since I ended up wanting all the Nirvanas.

A fragrance based on the contrast between the freshness & softness of the rose, & the dark sensuality of amber, Stella is a sophisticated scent focused on an intense sense of femininity.


Rose, Peony, Mandarin, Rose Absolute, Amber


Sensual, Intense, Feminine

As I mentioned I had plans to purchase a full size. I love Stella McCartney fragrances. This line was one of the first high end fragrances I purchased when graduating from Clinique Happy. I love a scent with dark edges & this has a beautiful balance of softness without sweetness.

Nirvana Amethyst is a rebellious, indulgent fragrance that leaves behind a trail of intrigue. Infused with refined tobacco, this sensuous eau de parfum balances honeysuckle with cedar, creating a magnetic pull.


Tobacco, Honeysuckle, Cedar


Warm & Spicy

Now where the Stella has a dark softness without the sweetness, Amethyst has a subtle sweetness that is tempered by the velvety smoky tobacco & cedar notes. I would purchase a full size of this, but there will probably be something new to try when I go back!

A fresh bouquet of lavender mixes with neroli & musk, creating an adventurous, mesmerizing experience. This eau de parfum has a chic, unconventional je ne sais quoi.


Musk, Neroli, Lavendar


Fresh Floral

This is like wrapping up in your favorite flannel on a rainy day to enjoy a cup of tea. It’s lighter than I would normally choose for winter, but very comforting. I may keep another rollerball around for summer.

Guess Dare is a floral, woodsy, musk composition that provides a passionate cocktail & plays on exotic shades in a sophisticated & modern way.


Kumquat, Pear, Lime, Cactus Flower, Jasmine, Wild Rose, Blond Wood, Coconut Palm


Citrus Floral

Guess Dare was a Christmas gift actually inspired by my blog posts! It is surprisingly nostalgic considering the scent only began production in 2014. It’s definitely a more grown up version of the drugstore perfumes I used waft & walk through in my adolescence. I think it’s something about the citrus & coconut. Not something I probably would have picked up myself, but certainly happy I received it!

I have loved having variety this season. I plan to purchase another assortment of rollerballs as I use these up.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Winter Scent

  1. I would love to get Stella by Stella McCarthy. It is sadly unavailable where I live. But I smelled it the last time I was in the US and fell in love. I am hoping to make it my next perfume purchase when I get the chance.

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