Beauty MOTD 49 First Impressions 7

I can’t believe I haven’t already shared this, but I received a custom palette from a local boutique around Christmas that has all these great warm & smokey tones. I’ve been playing with it here & there, but I haven’t really had a chance to dive into it.

Well, seeing what Maaike came up with in her Tarte Tartelette Toasted review I felt emboldened to attempt a dupe look.

She created a toasty glow appropriate for daytime using the following:

  • Sunset dabbed with candle on lid
  • Warmth in crease
  • Cashmere to blend
  • Crackle on lower lashline & outer v

Going Across then Down I tried my hand with the following

  • 5/4 layered under 4/2 & dabbed with 2/4 on lid
  • 3/3 in crease
  • 2/2 to blend
  • 6/3 on lower lashline & outer v


I’m not sure if I’m not building the colors up enough, if my brushes/technique is not precise enough, or if I’m overblending, but I don’t quite get the same distinction that Maaike does. Either way I am happy with the outcome. Also, these pictures are from the end of the workday. I didn’t have time to snap pics before leaving for work. The shadows themselves held up very nicely throughout the day.

By the by that’s Clinique Sugared Maple on my lips.

Along with using new shadows I also swiped my daughter’s Tarte Amazonian Clay Mascara. Yeah, go ahead & freak out that I borrowed mascara. Idc. I’m not loving my quick drugstore purchase & while I love Benefit mascara I was intrigued.

This mascara boasts reparative & volumizing benefits with the help of Amazonian Clay. The clay absorbs oil while keeping lashes flake free. It also prevents lash loss resulting in healthier more voluminous lashes.


I like the wand. The mascara goes on very easily & smoothly requiring only 2passes. The second was really just to fluff everything a little more. I do mean fluff. The product itself has a very mousse-y texture. This was quite unexpected after years of working with stiffer products. I think that really made a difference in the wear. I didn’t notice any flakiness. By the end of the day my lashes didn’t feel dry or brittle which they often do after a long day. I kind of loved this. I’m seriously contemplating buying a tube for myself to see if overtime it truly does improve my lash health. This is the first mascara in years to make me rethink my Benefit loyalty.


PS. I’m totally digging this motd with my poppy top.

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