Miscellanea February 18


Started & finished both seasons. I didn’t binge, but I watched 1-2 episodes right before bed every night. I found myself googling the real events after pretty much every episode. I found it fascinating. I’ve loved watching Claire Foy, but I’m pretty damn excited that Olivia Colman will be taking the reigns.*

There’s a lot to love about Black Panther, but what I probably love the most is badass women. These are fully fleshed female characters with personality, skill, intelligence, & humor who are sought out & respected by the King. I also love that the tech is being overseen by a stylish cool teen & not a quirky nerdy trope in hipster glasses. This is thanks to the badass woman behind the scenes; Ruth E. Carter, costume designer. This woman brought together a look that is both beautiful & intimidating. I might have to write a longer piece about this #wakandaforever


This book was recommended to me not long after being published several years ago, but I just thought a medical science biography sounded a little dry. I was wrong. It’s a devastating look at the life of a black woman being treated for cancer in the Jim Crow era, the cells she unknowingly provided that has touched nearly all medical research since, her family met with a disrespectful & uncooperative medical community, & one woman’s relentless search for the heart of Henrietta. I think having now worked in a hospital (nonclinical staff) for the past several years, the best word to describe my reaction to this novel is astounded.


This is very clearly how 2 people that have been together since 1998 do Valentine’s day.


These cuties put on a fun showing of The Jungle Book Jr.

Forever supporting this gal go for her goals. We were in Chicago & Springfield (Missouri) this month for college auditions & interviews.



We treated ourselves to big breakfasts that held us over till dinner…except for a Stan’s Donuts break after ice skating. Everything was tasty, but I would probably skip Grand Lux Cafe. It’s essentially a Cheesecake Factory, the view was great though.


We were only in Springfield for a night so we basically hit up 2 institutions of downtown. Not gonna lie, I kinda hope she chooses Missouri State cause I wanna go for a longer visit.


*Reigns! I crack myself up.

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