Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 50

A couple Sundays ago my family went for a morning movie* to see Black Panther. Besides obviously just wanting/having the time to look nice, I wanted to wear something bold & bright.

  • Toms wedge booties
  • Old Navy Sweetheart jean
  • Calvin Klein Coat
  • Michael Kors bag
  • 2Hearts top
  • Necklace unknown

This peplum top is the perfect answer to bold & bright! Being daytime I didn’t want to do anything too intense with my makeup, but still wanted to play with my new palette. A quick Pinterest search led me to a Too Faced Chocolate Bar look.

So I duped out the following:

  • Salted Caramel for 5 across 2 down
  • Strawberry Bon Bon for Rose Quartz
  • Candied Violet for 7/4
  • Semi Sweet for 5/1
  • Creme Brulee for 2/1
  • Champagne Truffle for 1/2




I need to work on my technique, but I still managed to accomplish a pretty look.

I must have really been feeling The Gray Area Boutique! My top, necklace, bag†, & palette were all from there.


*The only time to see movies, 3adult tickets for $12 total.

†Part of the Christmas prize I won!

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