Pyeongchang Olympics

We interrupt my usual awards season fashion fodder to bring you The Winter Olympics!* This Olympic pac ditched the country club stuffiness for a more après ski vibe. These uniforms serve up what Rio was missing; active athletic cohesiveness.

The opening ceremony uniforms exude rugged Americana with moto stitched jeans & brown suede accessories. Yes, the fringe gloves are a miss, but overall these beat 2014’s scary Sochi sweaters by a longshot.

This looks like weird long johns with Beverly Goldberg’s idea of a patriotic cross stitch thrown over them. Yikes!

Thank goodness Burton figured out how to do an all white uniform! Columbia & Spyder did some nice ones as well, but the snowboarders ruled in snowy spacesuits. What’s more American than the space program!? Seriously, I love this. It’s my favorite look of the Olympics. Sorry, not sorry speed skaters. I get that those weird crotch circles were made of a different friction reducing material, but I find it hard to believe no one pointed out that they should be the same color as the rest of the suit.


With medal ceremonies taking place outdoors in below freezing temps Nike nailed it with insulated athleisure pieces. People were losing their shit over these awesome laceless graffiti sneakers.

Ralph Lauren took some cues from Nike for the closing ceremony managing a vintage inspired look blended with decidedly more modern lines. Also, the fringe was out & cozy knits were in.

This really was overall a much more cohesive pac. Each event featured specific unified ensembles. Everything felt younger, cooler, more fashion forward. I don’t know if the winter games just lend themselves to this more easily than the summer, but I’m interested to see what’s ahead in Tokyo.


*sorry Grammys

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