First Impressions 8

On each of our college outings my daughter & I have taken the opportunity to shop (window primarily) at places we typically don’t have the chance to pop into. When we came across a Lush in St Louis it was apparent purchases must be made.

You know I’m a sucker for face masks & even better if there’s somethings sort of gimmicky. I’ve never seen a jelly face mask & was obviously intrigued.

The Birth of Venus claims to be skin balancing with mineral rich fresh sea water to tone & refresh, lavendar oil & rose to calm & soothe. All of it’s whipped up in an intensely softening carrageen base for buttery smooth skin.

Seashell not included.

The directions simply state to pinch off some jelly with dry hands working it into a paste, apply, set for 10min, & rinse.

It was a little tricky to figure out how much jelly to use. I ended up needing another pinch about the size you see above to feel like I had enough coverage. I do like the jello-y consistency & I found that it did form a decent paste with effort. Don’t give up to quickly or it’s just crumbly.


I like the consistency. I did end up with some small clumps, but mostly this turned into a smooth lightweight paste. It doesn’t cover the way many masks cover, but its not really necessary. Dont get hung up on that. I also like the scent. There’s a clay & saltiness to it that plays on it’s childlike science experiment texture. The lavendar & rose is surprisingly faint.


After setting for 10minutes it does dry & tighten nicely. No irritation, burning, or tingling just a gentle tautness.


I found this easy to rinse with warm water. My face felt smooth & soft. This seems gentle enough to use more than once a week. I think with consistent use I would see some brightening & tone improvement. I’ll have to follow up with an empty on this one to let you know if I find any real improvements.


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