The Oscars

Let’s dive right in with Oscars biggest trends.








Not a trend, but equally if not more important due to the personal/historical/cultural representation:

Tiffany Haddish rocked it again when presenting with Maya Rudolph. Also, these 2 need to host something asap! I laughed hysterically at their bit. They were by far the funniest of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence went with the hardware look, but it was her makeup & hair that really stood out.

I like the big dreamy fashions of the red carpet, but Emma Stone’s Louis Vuitton silk suit is by far my favorite. I think there’s something boldly badass about a lady in a suit. Man, when I think about that sentence it kind of pisses me off. Like what’s badass about wearing pants? I wear pants everyday, but yet getting dressed up for a fancy occasion “requires” a dress. So I guess it really gets me thinking about why that is & then I end up getting frustrated because it’s not that I think less of someone in a gorgeous gown. I just like pants, their different. Also, keep suiting up ladies & smash the patriarchy one red carpet at a time.


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