Miscellanea March 18


Oh damn, this is good. What’s crazy is I find myself cheering for this girl. She came from nothing, she works her ass off, she’s tough as hell, & she’s the first American woman to land the triple axel in competition, but oh yeah she conspired & embarked on a plot to take out Nancy Kerrigan. She may be setting a double standard for bad behavior cause if she were a dude I’d be like he’s despicable, but instead I find her somewhat inspiring & wishing she just would have made better choices. I’ve gotta get my hands on that documentary from the 90s.

Greta Gerwig is a genius. I’ve loved her in everything I’ve seen her in & her work behind the lense is just as phenomenal. I love that this is a love letter to her hometown. There’s a sundappled nostalgia with which we look back upon our youth. Even more, she completely captures the complicated relationship of mothers & their daughters. The passive aggressive squabbles, the push & pull of contradictory opinions, the fear of the unknown, the deepest desire to provide a better life, the friendship. Keep it coming, Greta.

I’m not sure I’ve seen another movie balance dark comedy as well as this movie. The cast are undeniably flawless, the script razor sharp. It broke my heart, enraged my indignation, & made me laugh so fucking hard.


I started this in Febraury as a nod to Valentine’s Day & finished it early in the month. I typically love a good historical fiction so I figured an imagined biography based on the actual letters of Edith Wharton may be interesting, but this is a 1star read. The thing is the imagined aspects weren’t very imaginative. The sexual awakening the author thought she was exploring read like a tawdry dalliance.

In honor of women’s history month I chose to follow up with this biography. This is a difficult one to rate. 4stars may be too generous, but I want to love it because the subject deserves it. Christine Granville is Britian’s first female special agent. She’s possibly the inspiration for Casino Royale’s Vesper Lynd for God’s sake, but unsurprisingly marginalized by the country she served & their male leaders. Her story gets bogged down in minutiae & Christine often gets lost in the details which is unfortunate because she seems like the kind of woman you would never forget.


Subtly celebrating International Women’s Day in Sister Suffragette style.

Took my daughter to place her first vote.

Starting & finishing the month with After Prom fundraisers!

After the first weekend this month was actually pretty chill. I’ve kind of relished in it. Next month is finally prom which will eat up all my time & energy. Can’t wait!*


*That is excitement mixed with sarcasm, maybe heavier on the sarcasm than the excitement. I can’t be sure at this point.

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