Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 53

Way back around Christmas I recreated an Anastasia Modern Renaissance & once I started playing in my gifted custom palette I sifted through Pinterest for another look to try.

Along with my custom palette I used my trusty sephora pantone watercolor palette to recreate the above look.

  • 1=Lantana
  • 2=Coral Haze
  • 3=6 across 3 down
  • 4=Fruit Dove
  • 5=6 across 2 down
  • 6=1 across 3 down

I just love how bold & strong this look is. I don’t take the time to get that crisp cut though. I’m just too lazy & don’t want to spend the time on it before work.

Continuing to pull inspiration from Modern Renaissance I wore a bold ensemble too.

  • F21 sweater
  • H&M trouser
  • TOMS wedges

Go big or go home I suppose was the name of the game.


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