TBT Prom 2k17

Sometime last spring on a shopping trip my daughter & I made a quick pass through JC Penney’s & spotted this striking cobalt blue dress. On the way out the door I was like if you get asked to prom (it’s a senior only situation & she was a junior) that would be a great dress. We hopped in the car & didn’t give it another thought.

Cut to several weeks, maybe a month, later & she was invited to go by one of her friends that had found himself without a date. Needless to say, we made a beeline for Penny’s!

Yep, it was still there & it was on sale from $167 for $67! She was in the dressing room trying it on before I realized we should probably ask her date what he was wearing. It is his senior prom after all & navy suits were on the scene so I didn’t want them to clash. Luckily, he had already decided on gray.

She sent him a pick of the cobalt so he could get complimentary accessories. I think they look quite nice together! I have to brag on his choice of granite gray. It has a subtle crosshatching & he choose dark cognac dress shoes. Very stylish!

Funny story, my slender daughter is also broad. They had 2 sizes left. One size was much too large & I knew we wouldn’t have time to have it taken in. We went with the smaller which fit perfectly except it wouldn’t zip up all the way. A couple days before prom I was sewing eyelets into the zipper seams so we could lace it up with a ribbon we picked up from the craft section. No one was the wiser.

Seeing as the dress is so vibrant she wanted her hair to be on the daintier side & up off her shoulders. Her aunt is a pretty skilled braider & helped out with a dutch milkmaid style. She had her makeup done at our local Merle Norman requesting a natural soft rosy glow. She even wore rose gold pearl earrings. Everything was soft & feminine.

To ground all the pink she pulled more blue out on her nails.

This really is the most conventional formal dress she’s ever worn, but yet she managed to keep it fresh. I also think there’s something sophisticated in the way it lays. It’s a little reminiscent of Grace Kelly.



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