Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 54

In March our after prom committee hosted a fundraising style show. Though I was just stage managing I wanted to be a cute kid too.

Other than raising money for after prom we were promoting local retailers so I wore a mostly local look.

  • Scarf, The Limited
  • Vest, Love Tree, Gray Area Boutique
  • Tunic, Fashion Tart, Gray Area Boutique
  • Cuffs, Charming Charlie
  • Jeans, Kancan, Wild Rose Boutique
  • Boots, Toms


I went for a purple-y hazy eye recreating a Too Faced Chocolate Bar look.

  • 1=5across 2down
  • 2=5across 1down
  • 3=7across 4down
  • 4=1across 3down
  • 5=1across 2down
  • 6=#tbt

I may write up a post about the style show, but currently I just don’t have the energy to relive it while we’re still gearing up for the After Prom main event. Yes, though, we did put that balloon “arch” together ourselves.


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