TBT Prom from the Year 2002

If you’d like a refresher of my early aught fashion click here & then please continue reading to see how I took on prom.

This is not me, but she’s wearing my dress. Okay, well, she’s wearing her dress, but yes, we purchased the same dress. Every girl’s nightmare & of course, she looks precious! No worries though, cause while she rocked the classic prom gown, I took a different approach…


Yep, I had the skirt hemmed to tea length & swapped the top for a tshirt! Let’s also take a moment to address this odd Mormon-esque shirt sleeves & tie I made my husband* wear. So I got it in my head that he couldn’t wear a tux because I was in a tshirt. If only I would have had Jake Johnson or Joseph Gordon-Levitt to style him off of. It does seem like something Richie Cunningham would wear though.


Enough about Justin, back to moi! My prom ensemble is a nod to a few things; my freshman homecoming gown, Cinderella’s glass slippers, & Penny Marshall. Yes, Penny Marshall, specifically Laverne & Shirley.

At the time I was watching L&S daily on TVLand. I was already a fan of her movies; Big, A League of Their Own, Hocus Pocus (that cameo is iconic) & it didn’t take much for my little retro loving heart to get a flutter over her style.

I had my shirt custom monogrammed in the grand tradition of Ms. DeFazio & accessorized with pearls including a strand wrapped around my ankle cause I’m cool & edgy. I went to a different florist & my bouquet was abundantly better. The Village Florist did fresh yellow roses with orange carnations & sprigs of something purple. It is by far my favorite school dance arrangement.

Looking back I’m actually a little surprised by how influential this ensemble has been. I still mix casual & formal pieces frequently. Orange is practically my favorite pop of color & I pair it with blue habitually. It’s interesting how personal style evolves & adapts without losing authenticity.


*Husband now, boyfriend then.

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