Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD 55

Still trying to capture Ginnifer’s incandescence I took another try at motd 51.


I did primer, foundation, powder just as before. I skipped the bronzing contour for a more porcelain approach just hitting prime highlight spots with elf baked moonlight pearl & blending elf pink lemonade face whip into my cheekbones. I kept the matte setting spray, but also switched out the lippie for Laura Mercier Velour Lovers lipcolor in Devotion. Totally forget I owned this until it mysteriously reappeared out of my daughter’s room.


Funny story* I somehow managed to take a shot with the wrong palettes. I did not use sunbleached filter, but pantone watercolor.

  • Crease: 7across 3down
  • Outer V & Lower Lash: 6across 3down blended with “Rose Gold” from Maybelline Blushed Nudes
  • Inner Half of Lid: Rose Quartz
  • Inner V: 1across 2down

Okay, so motd 51 was a sweet look, but I think this is way better on me. It’s not an exact replication, but I think the essence is there.

I am 100% digging this ootd. I wore it to a wedding shower & loved it so much I wore it out again the following day! #noshame

  • Sunnies, Maurices
  • Bomber, H&M
  • Blouse, H&M
  • Crop, Victoria Secret
  • Jean, Kancan
  • Sandals, Maurices

I shook things up layering pieces in unexpected ways making last year’s spring purchases feel fresh again. It also doesn’t hurt to have some new accessories to really pop it up a notch.


*Full Disclosure: not really a story or funny.

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