First Impressions 10

I never met a face mask that I didn’t wanna try! Along with Birth of Venus we picked up a second jelly face mask to help with my daughter’s sometimes troublesome skin.

1000 Millihelens is another antioxidant-rich mask claiming to brighten, soothe, & tone skin. Detoxifying green tea & witch hazel have a mildly astringent effect for toned, taut skin. While fresh apple juice’s natural alpha hydroxy acids gently dissolve away dryness for a lifted, glowing complexion. The base is kaolin & zeolite clay known for gentle exfoliation & absorption.

If you’re wondering what a millihelen may be, it’s a reference to Helen of Troy. With the help of this mask you too may launch a thousand ships!

Directions remain the same, pinch some off, work into paste with dry hands, apply, set for 10min, & rinse with warm water.

Yeah, this did not really form a paste like the Birth of Venus. It was very crumbly.

It is a very mild formula. There’s no tingling, burning or irritation. The scent is slightly antiseptic which I imagine is from the green tea & witch hazel. What I could work into a paste dried nicely, but definitely leaves something to be desired.

I do like the result though. I can see an immediate brightening. My skin felt soothed resulting in a more even tone. I’m not sure that if repurchase because the consistency was a real let down, but it may be worth another go. Maybe I just got a weird batch?


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