Miscellanea April 18

This was a full month so let’s get into it.


My husband was really wanting to watch this one. I was hesitant because Robin Williams. It doesnt hold a candle, but it is pretty funny. Jack Black was my favorite & has one of the best bits.

This one will stay with you. It’s not the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, that will forever be 2008’s The Strangers, but it is one of the best. If you can still catch it in a theater I really recommend it.

I have not been as thrilled with this season of The Walking Dead, but the finale was less disappointing. However, Maggie is being hella shady & I don’t think I’m a fan.

Killing Eve just premiered on BBC America & Oh, Sandra Oh, you wonderful murderino, you have stolen my heart.

But here’s the real MVP of the month. I last minute snapped up a Hamilton ticket on opening night at the Fox. It’s the most amazing experience. Coolest show I’ve seen & never a dull* moment.


The audiobook is a 1960s Scottish retelling of Jane Eyre. I liked it. I stumbled upon a new podcast Bad with Money, which I am! I thought why not listen & feel less alone in my poor decision making! I’ve only listened to a few, but I love the host’s honesty cause it’s still somehow taboo to talk money.


A serious note, Denim Day may seem like a gimmicky sidebar Me Too movement, but just let it sink in that a judge overturned a rape conviction based on how tight the victims jeans were. Say it with me, A Fashion Choice Is Not Consent.

Back to being lighthearted! My daughter’s last high school production, a Variety Show. The final number was from Dirty Dancing & if you don’t take the opportunity to cosplay Baby’s bridge moment are you even trying?


Our obligatory family Easter photo.

Prom! It’s finally here & gone. You won’t have to here another thing about the After Prom we fundraised for the seniors. Ours was pretty epic though: bonfire, inflatables, casino, & a hypnotist. The hypnotist was hilarious.

Getting to hang out with friends this month helped keep me sane! In fact, as soon as I finish typing this up & posting I’ll be on my way to another hang!


*Sorry musicals, sometimes you drag when theres no singing & dancing.

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