Senior Style

In honor of the class of 2018 I give you a graduate of the class of 2002.

Oh, 2002 how awkward were you. Every girl’s torso oddly shortened courtesy of low rise jeans & hip bone skimming shirts. It’s funny what 15 years will do, now we wear high rise jeans with long drapey tops. Way more flattering if you can figure out that perfect tuck. To go with awkward clothing proportions is the awkward lean.What is this hay barn? How does that go with my sweet yellow old navy tennis polo?

Of course, nothing beats the classic senior year sit. I am so relaxed & cool. Just call me breezey. Those weird folds & wrinkles in my jeans & shirt look totally natural & normal.

I feel like I was on the tail end of these stock studio shoots. Forced smiles, weird head tilts, & generic backdrops were on the way out. They were soon replaced with outdoor shoots, pouty faces, & “candid” stances. I’d like to think my daughter struck a happy medium.


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