First Impressions 11

I wash my hair about twice a week. Now listen, if I get really sweaty or have used a bunch of product or it just generally feels icky I will wash it more frequently, but I try to keep it to just a couple times a week. For me this is a huge accomplishment. I used to be an every single morning shampoo & conditioner. I might go every other day, but I would always feel so self conscious that my dark fine thin locks would look like heavy greasy strings. It took a lot of work to get me & my hair comfortable with less frequent washing. Also, why didn’t I know about dry shampoo?

Well now I do know & I’ve been on the hunt for the best dry shampoo for my hair. I’ve primarily tried inexpensive drugstore brands so when my daughter received a more moderate price point product from ipsy I had to give it a shot.

Klorane Laboratories dry shampoo with oat milk is a gentle formula that restores freshness & lightness. Oat milk & micronized powders (idk what that means exactly) are highly absorbent to help hair regain volume & texture while protecting locks without traditional washing.

I must say my hair was looking particularly slick on the morning I first tried this product. I believe this was day 4 of no washing.

I gave the aerosol can a good shake, lifted at the roots, & sprayed as evenly as possible from a reasonable distance. Most likely not a full 10inches though.

The directions say to let it sit 2minutes then brush it out & style. It can be a pretty powdery mess. Very baby powder type consistency if you concentrate it to much. However, it does absorb nicely & you can truly see an immediate difference once brushed through.

I styled my hair as usual & was so pleased with the results that I made a full size purchase.


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