Miscellanea May 18

May has been just as busy as April.


2 of our beloved sitcoms called it curtains this month, The Middle & New Girl. They did not disappoint. The Middle was very sweet & I’m a little sad that Roseanne is back to being the primary example of “regular” middle Americans because the Hecks really did it well. New Girl’s final season has felt a bit rushed, but the finale had the most perfect future flash. It was perfectly timed & let you know how things turn out without spelling it out.

The Last Man on Earth was unfortunately abruptly cancelled. It totally sucks cause the season finale was setting us up for something very exciting & it’s just gone.

This was also almost the case with Brooklyn Nine Nine as well, but luckily NBC swooped in to save the day. I can’t fathom why this show would be cancelled especially after the genius that is their cold opens.

Taking things in a more serious direction my daughter & I watched the 2nd season of 13 Reasons Why last week. It probably wasn’t as good as the 1st season, but it gives you A LOT to think about. I’ll continue watching if they do a 3rd season. I feel invested in these “kids” lives.


This book was recommended nearly a year ago by my doctor. I sincerely appreciate this woman’s approach to wellbeing. Now, am I going to through out my shoes & chairs? No. Do I want to incorporate movement into my life in a more organic way then strenuous exercise 3x a week? Yes.

I was going to start a book series next because it has been awhile since I’ve read a series. I tried the Deptford Trilogy & the misogyny was so thick I stopped.

Instead on the heels of the capture of the Golden State Killer I listened to Michelle McNamara’s intense tale of her own hunt. The narrator reads Michelle’s words in such an even soothing voice that you get lulled into a false sense of security & then guts you with a gruesome detail or harsh utterance of the Golden State Killer. Her desire to strip him of his mask is so powerful & moving. I would willing follow Michelle McNamara into the dark to catch this killer. Also, I too am hot for Paul Holes.


As promised in the Little Black Dress Edition some more information on my new favorite local joint. Mother Trucker Food Company is a cleverly named food truck offering fresh fun options that you just can’t find anywhere else in town. Some of my favorites are the various stuffed avocados, the eclectic offering of wings (have a glass of milk ready to go with the strawberry habanero), Asian Pear Ginger Kombucha, & boudin wontons.


Supporting & Celebrating

These really go hand in hand this month.

It was a bittersweet moment watching her perform her last show at Gruen’s Vocal Studio.


She received several scholarships during awards day. 3 we already knew were awarded, but she received a 4th renewable scholarship that should provide enough to cover her remaining tuition.

As you may have guessed our other big moment of celebration & support came with her graduation. Now her father & I are not the most sentimental people. Actually he is pretty sentimental & just doesn’t show it, but for me this is just not the sort of thing that tugs at my heartstrings. We both agree graduating high school was not a great accomplishment, but we are very proud & excited to see where life takes our little chicken.


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