An American Princess

I believe I first learned of the fairytale romance via this amazing tweet:

Never have I been so jealous of an older than me divorcée from a USA drama than today.

I was so far removed from this hot gos that I didn’t even know Prince Harry was dating an American actress from a show I sometimes have on in the background while I fall asleep at night.

Obviously, to stay relevant when the Royal Wedding finally rolled around I had to get my eyes on it.

I’m going to start with the guests because that’s who you see first at a wedding. There are tons of articles boasting galleries that supposedly had all the celeb pics, but there were only like 20 photos. So basically I picked my favorite of those images & searched ig for the cast of Suits at the wedding. Yeah that’s right, I didn’t actually watch the televised event. I didn’t even dvr it. For shame!

These couples are all lookers, but George & Amal are downright stunning. That yellow is sublime & the gray suit is a perfect compliment.

Gina Torres is more on the Kentucky Derby side, but beautiful nonetheless.

The interwebs are losing their shit over Priyanka Chopra, but I was won over by her pal Abigail Spencer’s darling look.

The Duchess of Cambridge went with not only a more traditional ensemble, but repped Alexander McQueen. I love the reminder of our last “commoner marries up” nuptials.

My favorite guest is Princess Eugenie. This is a far cry from the theatrical getup she wore to William & Kate’s wedding. This look screams 60s British Invasion with a cheerio to our Camelot Queen, Jackie Kennedy.

Speaking of, I really see a subtle Jackie visits the palace nod from Meghan’s gown.

The Oleg Cassini Buckingham Palace gown was an interpretation of the style Givenchy was making popular in Audrey Hepburn films. So perhaps it’s fitting Givenchy produced something reminiscent for our American princess.

I appreciate the seeming simplicity of such a classic silhouette. She looks regal without overshadowing Prince Harry. This may be her big day, but it’s his legacy. Her Stella McCartney dinner reception gown followed suit. The modern lines are clean & sleek & modest. She looks perfectly posh alongside her Prince.


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