I have been hitting those ootd & motds heavy! We’ve had so much going on this past fall & winter that I tried really hard to curate these standout* looks for all our special events. The wedding look featured in my most recent post is one of the few special events I have for the next several months. Since I kind of love that my “of the days” are all synced up I thought I’d switch things up a bit.

With the switching of my seasonal wardrobe I decided to have some fun doing little mini capsule challenges. Man has it been awhile since I did this! See the last time here.

I’m doing a 10×10. That’s 10 pieces for 10 ensembles in 10 days. I decided to do this on a whim Sunday evening. So there isn’t a ton of planning or thought, but there is some method to my madness.

I know I have 3 days that I’ll be weighing in (a biggest loser challenge at work & my weekly weight watchers mtg) so I typically wear very lightweight clothing those days. I know, that sounds crazy. I don’t care. So I started there & built.

I’ve ended up with 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 dress, & 1topper.

  • Maurices Wide Leg Pant
  • Maurices Skinny Cargo
  • Klique B. Jean
  • Old Navy Short
  • H&M Chambray Button Down
  • H&M Blouse
  • H&M White T
  • Phil Love Tank
  • Maurices Dress
  • F21 Kimono

As you see I did not include shoes, outerwear, underclothes (that means solid layering tanks too), or accessories. I didn’t want this to seem super rigid. It’s just for fun to see how I can incorporate my seasonal wardrobe with the new purchases I’ve made.

I’m snapping a quick pic everyday & then in roughly 2wks we’ll be back here to see what happens.


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