5. Inspired By

What Not To Wear

Throwing it back a bit. I watched WNTW from the very beginning. Remember Wayne? I do. He was only around for like a season. Clinton was much better.

The show ran from 2003-2013 & really taught me how to dress & shop like an adult.

  • Dress Your Age or like a grown up if you expect to be taken seriously. Your style can still be fun & playful, but gone may need to be the days of rainbow splattered acid wash denim of your youth.
  • Colors Don’t Have To Match, They Just Have To Go. Give up that monochromatic crayon look & wear colors that compliment one another.
  • Texture/Pattern/Shine Add Interest. You don’t need all 3 as that could overwhelm, but 1 or 2 can really punch up a look. If you must wear monochromatic clothes mixing textures, patterns, embellishments will add something special.
  • A Natural Animal Print Is Neutral. A little leopard is really just a blend of neutrals. Don’t be afraid to pair it with a stand out color or even another pattern.
  • Foundations Ladies. Undergarments lay the, you guessed it, foundation for good fit. I’m not saying to squeeze into spanx on the daily (or even on the occasion), I’m just saying a well fitted bra & panties goes a long way.
  • Structure Matters. Now they usually followed this up with tailors are your friends. I have done some hemming & tucking on my own, but I’ve only ever had formal items professionally tailored. What I really prescribe to is cut, drape, & construction are everything. If those 3 things are not executed well the items a dud.
  • Cost Per Wear. I will spend more money on an item I know will hold up to the test of time & that I will wear on repeat. Example: I used to exclusively wear Express Editor Trousers. I was known to not worry about whether or not they were on sale because 1 $80 pair worn 1xweek for ~40weeks means the CPW= $2.00!

Along with clothing advice, WNTW introduced me to Carmindy. Ugh, the most effortlessly gorgeous woman ever! And all she wanted to do was help women feel beautiful in their skin! Her 5minute face is basically my everyday face.

What I think I took away from Nick Arrojo was trust your hairstylist & if you can’t keep your long locks healthy don’t be upset when your stylist needs to cut them all off.

I still follow Stacy London on social media. It’s so funny to see her breaking some of her rules (wearing workout clothes for running errands is actually ok, lol!), but also it only makes sense that her TV personality style evolved once she wasn’t tied to that project. I mean, mine has changed since the show ended & I wasn’t on TV!


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