10×10 Review

The first mini 10×10 has come to an end!

A quick recap of the items that comprised my 10:

4 Bottoms

  • Maurice’s Wide Leg Pant
  • Maurice’s Skinny Cargo
  • Kilque B. Jean
  • Old Navy Short

4 Tops

  • H&M Chambray Shirt
  • H&M Blouse
  • H&M White T
  • Phil Love Tank

1 Dress, 1Topper

  • Maurice’s Dress
  • F21 Kimono

Here’s what they looked like put together:

What was my intention of completing this challenge?

It has been over a year since I did any type of capsule wardrobe, so I thought this would be a fun little challenge to incorporate new purchases into my seasonal wardrobe.

Did my clothes work for the weather?

Well, my only guideline was that I needed some lightweight pieces for weigh in days. I ended up selecting primarily lightweight pieces. This really worked in my favor as we were under a heat advisory pretty much all 10days.

Were there any pieces included that felt like mistakes?

No individual piece felt like a mistake, however, I do wish I would have put a touch more thought into this. I literally threw it together Sunday evening in 10-15minutes.

Which item/outfit was my favorite?

I am in love with the Maurice’s wide leg beachy pant. They are high waisted & cinch nicely. The pattern is fun, but not too busy & they’re roomy enough the pattern doesn’t get distorted over my curves. Most importantly they have great pockets!

Which item/outfit was outside my comfort zone?

Not much is outside my comfort zone, but the kimono can be tricky. Especially for work. I did get several positive comments & compliments so I think I could brave it again.

“It really adds an edge to your look.”

Would I change anything?

Take more time to pick out my pieces.

What did I learn?

I didn’t really learn anything per se, but I was reminded it’s fun & good to take some risks.

Like the shorts ensemble with the hat was worn to a funeral. Not something you would expect, but I was appropriately covered while not unbareably hot in the afternoon heat. This got a lot of compliments as well.

And there you have it. I’ll be sharing my next 10×10 next post.


PS I borrowed these questions from Un-Fancy.

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