10×10 Moonrise Review

In case you have forgotten the following 10 items are what I chose to wear for 10 days:

  • 1 Dress
  • 1 Trouser
  • 1 Chino
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Short
  • 1 Jean
  • 1 T Shirt
  • 1 Peplum Top
  • 2 Blouses

And these are the ways in which I wore them:

What item/outfit is my favorite?

I may have impulsively yet finally purchased a pair of boyfriend chinos. I’ve wanted them in my wardrobe for quite sometime & I knew they’d fit perfectly with this capsule. I shopped around locally unsuccessfully & window shopped online before biting the bullet at JCrew. I paid a little more than I probably normally would for chinos, but they really check all my boxes. I’m a little bit of a Goldilocks about chinos. They must be the correct shade of khaki, the correct weight (I despise a thin chino), the correct amount of slouch. These were easily my favorite piece. Maybe because they are new & fresh, but also I love them. I’ve needed them in my wardrobe for quite sometime.

Which item/outfit was outside my comfort zone?

Well, the peplum with the pencil skirt feels…dated. Not really because it has a retro vibe, but because it felt like the style that I’ve outgrown. Like those pieces together aren’t me. That particular skirt may not be me at all. I think I’ll do a little mini challenge to see if I’m comfortable wearing it mixed with more casual pieces.

Interestingly, I really liked the peplum with the wide leg pant. Like it played with proportions enough that it felt fresh & I felt hella good in it.

Would I change anything?

Not necessarily. I put more thought into this capsule, so I had a better plan at the beginning.

What did I learn?

That I don’t want to go backwards. Just because there’s something I used to wear all the time, there’s probably a reason I’m not reaching for it regularly.


7 thoughts on “10×10 Moonrise Review

  1. Hello Cassy! How are you? I am looking for an American girl to just read my novel, is 100 pages and correct any mistakes. I really like the way you are writing and I think that you are perfect for this. If you are interested let me know.



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