10×10 Cactus Capsule

The Sunday I decided to try a 10×10 to shake things up I initially wanted to focus my pieces around my H&M Floral 2pc set. I quickly discovered that it would take more effort to do that then I had time. So as I completed the first capsule challenge & rounded up items for the Moonrise Kingdom challenge I kept these pieces in the back of my mind. As I was searching my palette pinterest board I came across the following image:

It reminded my of the floral set. My struggle so far has been that every time I think of these pieces I think fall. Maybe because of all the orange? This pic made me think of cacti. You know what cacti do in the spring? They bloom.

A quick search gave me just the inspiration I needed to blend together an orange, pink, green, & black (yes, black, to really emphasize the vibrancy) capsule.

  • H&M Trouser
  • Simply Vera Skirt
  • H&M Jegging
  • Banana Republic Short

  • Love Tree Utility Vest
  • Fashion Tart Tunic
  • Aeropostale Tshirt
  • H&M Tshirt
  • Maurice’s Blouse
  • H&M Top

I’m pretty excited about this set. The colors are strong, feminine, & bring the heat.


4 thoughts on “10×10 Cactus Capsule

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