10×10 How Does a Cactus Bloom

The Inspiration:

The 10 Pieces:

  • Love Tree Utility Vest
  • Fashion Tart Tunic
  • Aeropostale Tshirt
  • H&M Tshirt
  • Maurice’s Blouse
  • H&M Top
  • H&M Trouser
  • Simply Vera Skirt
  • H&M Jegging
  • Banana Republic Short

The 10 Ensembles:

What was my intention in completing this challenge?

Showcasing my H&M 2pc floral set with summer clothing.

Did my clothing work for the weather?

Yes, especially when I wore my tunic as a coverup for an afternoon/evening swim party.

Were there any pieces that felt like a mistake?

Not at all. Actually I was a little disappointed in myself for not using my Maurice’s polka dot blouse more than once.

Which item/outfit was my favorite?

I really loved my H&M floral top with the green short & orange skirt. I particularly like these color combinations. This is definitely what I was referring to in my selection post. It brings the heat.

Which item/outfit was outside my comfort zone?

Nothing, but I will say the sleeves on my floral top are elastic & sometimes cut into my hammock arms. Not comfortable.

Would I change anything?

Just using the polka dot blouse more because its super fun & classy.

What did I learn?

I had my concerns about the skirt only because my experience with the pencil skirt in my Moonrise Kingdom 10×10 was not great. This one while not any less structured is much more comfortable & flexible. I think I’ll still do a little mini challenge with other skirt, but I may also look for another skirt more like the Simply Vera. The style just feels fresher.

It’s been an interesting 30ish-days & while I’ve enjoyed these capsule challenges I’ve also done some more shopping that I can’t wait to share.


4 thoughts on “10×10 How Does a Cactus Bloom

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