Challenge Accepted

Feel like I’m getting back to my roots with this one.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be challenging myself to wear my Apt9 pencil skirt(actually it may be AB Studio; its from Kohls several years ago) in 3 ensembles that I feel fit my current wardrobe aesthetic.

As mentioned in my Moonrise review the peplum & wedges although still playful felt dated. I just wasn’t comfortable & really that’s kind of the point. By comfortable I don’t even exactly mean physically comfortable, it’s more mentally comfortable. Like that ensemble isn’t who I am.

I’m thinking something blended with a more casual approach. Akin to those No 2 days when I paired it with a tshirt & simple sweater.

This ad keeps popping up in my ig feed & I’m kind of obsessed. A pencil skirt crop top combo? Yes please.


4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. I think the best way to keep a classic pencil skirt from looking old ladyish is to combine them with sneakers! That’s how would wear it. Just wear a fun patterned blouse on top, but bring the casualness to the bottom half with a pair of clean white sneakers.


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