Miscellanea July 18



Been watching all the shows. Enjoying them too. Bloodline kind of fizzled in the final season, but I still liked the many bizarre faces of Kyle Chandler. I’m not sure I agree with the outcome of Making a Murderer & before you say anything I did some additional research. Yes, My Cousin Vinny makes the list because this is the first time I have ever watched it. It’s so weird the things I was allowed to watched & the things I was not. Marisa Tomei is so damn adorable. Gillian Anderson just can’t stop playing feminist icons. The Fall was top notch British procedural, don’t know why it took me so long to watch. And then there’s Nanette. Hannah Gadsby’s special is no laughing matter. One of the most unexpectedly powerful things I’ve seen this year.



Started the Connie Willis Oxford Time Travel series. Doomsday is quite long & she tends to over explain things. To Say Nothing of the Dog was better. Florence + the Machine have a fresh beautiful album that I’ve been listening to on loop.


Actual reading! Michelle Williams interview with Vanity Fair!

A great change has change has come, but if it is just for me or just within my industry, it won’t be enough. Women must recognize what power we have & where- however small & full it might feel- and use it to advocate on behalf of others for the betterment of us all.



We’ve had some fun little shopping events this month. Lots of local talent on display. Also it was fair week so I was drinking my favorite sweet tea!



So not all really “celebrating.” There’s been a baby shower, pool parties, wine&yoga nights, just all around good times had with friends.

August may be a tough month so I’m going to need all the friend dates I can get.


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