Curating SOAR

The past few days was spent on the road to & from my daughter’s student orientation and registration at Missouri State University. I had one full day on my own to relax & explore the Park Central Square while she attended meetings & explored campus.

As is my usual custom, I packed as light possible. I did end up with a set of clothes that I didn’t use though. The weather didn’t cooperate.

  • JCrew Chino
  • Maurice’s Sandals
  • Leather Earrings, Brand unknown, purchased locally at Wild Rose Boutique
  • American Eagle Jacket
  • Mamrie Hart’s Represent T
  • F21 Kimono
  • Danskin Sports Bra
  • Old Navy Swim Bottoms
  • Zenana Premium Maxi
  • Necklace, Brand unknown, purchased locally at The Gray Area Boutique
  • Hanson Concert T

So I’m guessing you can guess which outfit I didn’t get to wear. I was so looking forward to the swimming pool, but during the time I had allotted for swimming it was cooler, cloudy, & breezy. I could have stuck around late afternoon early evening for a dip, but that would have required missing happy hour at Aviary. Priorities, man, a girl’s gotta have them.

If you’re wondering what’s the scoop on my Pina Colada t, I purchased it online after seeing Mamrie Hart shamelessly tag Lin Manuel Miranda in a plug for it. She designed it after a resort trip to Puerto Rico realizing the still widespread devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Proceeds went to disaster relief. So it was a small way to feel like a do gooder & get something for myself. Yeah, I hear how selfish that sounds! I have had to brush up on my PR facts though so if it becomes a conversation starter I have knowledge to back up my narcissism.

And to negate my narcissism further here are some terrible pics my daughter shot of me. Note how I put the blame on her & not myself for not being able to take a decent shot!

Favorite outfit, however, is the maxi dress. A lady catcalled me from across the street with a “You’re pretty!” Basically the best end to a day. I had a friend say she thinks women should catcall each other more often & I have to agree. It’s a delightful confidence boost.


PS here’s the adorable photo I took of her, in like one try:

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