Wardrobe Challenge: Diary Edition

Part of what I noticed doing my 3 mini 10×10 challenges (see 1, 2, 3) was that I’m not wearing enough of my wardrobe. I used to pick out my clothes on Sunday evening for the entire work week. I basically did little weekly capsules choosing a pant & skirt/dress to alternate for 4days wearing jeans on Fridays. I would pick a different top/topper from each “category” in my closet; tank, t shirt, blouse, button down, sweater, cardigan, blazer, jacket so as not to duplicate my look each day. I would also rotate my clothing hanging the most recently worn pieces in the back & only choosing from the front portion so I was wearing each piece routinely rather than a few pieces repeatedly.

Over the next 28days I will snap a pic of my ootd & then journal what I wore to track not only the pieces, but my thoughts & feelings about the look.

There will be no rules, such as not wearing the same thing twice. I plan to use this as a tool to discover what I still need to work on in my wardrobe.

What patterns do I see? Were those expected?

Is there something a really like, but don’t wear often?

Is there something missing?

Do I need to declutter?

Full disclosure I found this challenge on A Small Wardrobe. She has found that while she has already cut her wardrobe down from 150 items to 30, that she still mostly wears 10-15items. I just recently began following her posts & I find her minimalist approach refreshing.

Feel free to join in the challenge. It may have you thinking differently about the way you wear your wardrobe.


4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Challenge: Diary Edition

  1. I would love to see how you do with this. I wear 100% different outfits most days. It is rare for me to double pieces & outfits sometimes as much as within a single season. I definitely would want to try a 10×10 just to challenge myself though. I do enjoy the concept of capsule wardrobes but with my job being what it is I just know I wouldn’t get away with it.


    • Yes I used to seldom repeat, so these capsule challenges have really been an interesting experience. Also it seemed like a lot of things wore out around the same time so I had to really decide if they need replaced or live with fewer items or take it into a whole new direction. I think it’s probably a little of all 3.


      • Yeah sounds very sensible. I just love having fun, trying new styles and since I teach and am in front of very style sensitive adolescents day in and out I am very conscious of what I am wearing.

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