Wardrobe Challenge: Pencils Down

I gave myself 3chances to get comfortable in my AB Studio skirt.*

First up was a crop top combo inspired by that darn Trunk Club ig ad.

I almost felt like this could be who I am now. The skirt felt fairly comfortable. The whole look felt chic & fresh. I finished this day really looking forward to the challenge.

My second take was a little less successful. The pic really doesn’t do any favors either.

In theory I like this mix of business with super casual, but in execution I didn’t love it. Also, the skirt did not feel as comfortable this go round. I just kept feeling like it needed a little extra stretch through the hips.

Third time’s almost a charm. Again I almost felt like this is it, this is my style.

I love the combo. The pearl snap plaid with rolled up sleeves has that perfect dose of masculinity, but the skirt just doesn’t feel good on me. It was a hot day & the lining kept clinging inconveniently.

While this skirt just isn’t going to make the cut, I do think there are options available that would achieve the physical comfort I need to feel confident with my ootd choices.

I definitely want something that looks like a classic pencil skirt, but is made with a less restrictive lifestyle in mind. H&M & Old Navy have some great inexpensive options.

Perhaps after I finish up my Diary Challenges a little refresher shopping will be in order.


*Yep, I checked the tag finally.

7 thoughts on “Wardrobe Challenge: Pencils Down

  1. I love outfit three, but I get what you mean about the skirt just not feeling quite right. I have a few pieces like that. I want to love them, but just can’t. Sometimes a certain style, not matter how much I want it to, just wont work for me.

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