Challenge 11

Taking a look at another item I rarely reach for in my closet.

A little over a year ago I purchased this Maurices black maxi skirt to wear to a wedding. I already owned a black maxi skirt, but it has some bleach damage.¹ I honestly cannot think of another time I’ve worn that skirt.

I like a maxi look especially in the summer. It makes me feel breezy.²

When doing these challenges I try to make sure I do 3 visually different ensembles. That way it’s not all just french tuck t shirts. That may end up being my go to, but it’s a good idea to make I have options if this skirt stands to stay.

I found some inspiration via pinterest of course.


¹Full disclosure, I have worn the bleach damaged skirt. The damage is fairly minimal, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for a wedding.

²Don’t at me with your Monica Gellar you’re not breezy if you have to say you’re breezy. Jkjk, at me all you want with your Friends references.

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