Challenge 11: Completed

This challenge came together pretty quickly. I pulled together 3 looks based on some pinspiration & rotated my Maurice’s black maxi skirt every few days*.

Look 1 is probably the most pulled together of the 3. A button down plaid tucked in & belted. I really felt good in this. Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve worn my wide belt & I don’t know why. It sat comfortably & cinched me in nicely.

Look 2 has a fun boho appeal. It’s essentially what I wore the only other time I wore this skirt. Now way back when I wore it to the wedding I was sad because it doesn’t have any float to it. It’s just a straightforward column skirt. For a wedding a little bit of movement is more fun. For work minimal movement keeps this look from being too hippie dippy.

Look 3 is the most laid back, but my workplace has a very chill approach so I was still dress code compliant. Can’t pass up the opportunity for a good tshirt knot. The back of this has a sheer blousy panel that lends a certain softness to this look.

What I realized is now that I know what to expect, no floaty swishiness, I’m not disappointed when wearing the skirt. I like that it’s long enough (or maybe I’m short enough) that I can wear it hiked up on my natural waist creating a slight hourglass appearance. It has made the cut. I’m going to have to take a look at the bleach damaged skirt & determine if its acceptable to wear. If I decide not, I’ll have to take a look at my wardrobe to determine if I have something that fits that swishy bill or if it gets added to the shopping list. I may not have worn my maxi skirts often this season, but I was just discouraged. Now I’m feeling optimistic about them.


*No washing between wears. I didn’t get stinky working in my climate controlled office.

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