Miscellanea August 18



Again watching all the shows. Condor was a pretty badass spy thriller. A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 continues to be very clever & a fun thing for my daughter & I to enjoy together like we did the books I forced her to read to expand her vocabulary. I’m a good mom that way. Trial & Error season 2 was also very clever. It’s very disappointing NBC didn’t pick up a 3rd season. I hope someone does because this show is one of the smartest dumb sitcoms there is & it parodies the ever popular true crime genre brilliantly. I’ve been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in the mornings & it’s pretty good. The episodes are bite size & fun. I didn’t watch them all, but you don’t have to, it’s a talk show!

The Jenny Han ya novel has been turned into an adorable NetFlix movie. It seems likely they’ll follow up with the sequel which means I better get to reading the 3rd book because spoilers.


The only thing I really cared about in Avengers Infinity Wars was Elizabeth Olsen’s wardrobe.


I got through another Connie Willis behemoth. I am a sucker for a British WWII plot that feels like it should be on PBS. I’ll be starting the conclusion to this series next week.


In the meantime I’ve been listening to the Killing Eve & Call Me By Your Name soundtracks. You’d think they’d be wildly different, but they surprisingly go very well together.

On our return trip from moving our daughter into college I convinced my husband to listen to Karen & Georgia’s spot on The Dollop. He was sufficiently creeped out & confused by Otto in the Attic so I attempted to win him back with an Andrew Jackson history lesson. I think it worked.



Our local Elks club has begun offering community events. We’ve done a Sip & Stretch yoga night as well as a Zumba & Wine night that is parlaying into a weekly zumba class, wine optional. We plan to offer the sip&stretch monthly because the teacher offers weekly classes at a studio. It’s awesome to have these options in our small community.


Lots of Missouri eats this month!


Civil Kitchen This place is very hip. My daughter enjoyed the apple bacon cheddar panini that is served on a waffle with sweet potato brulee, avocado fries, & blackberry soda. I enjoyed the falafel wrap with truffle straws (of course!) & a strawberry rhubarb frose.


European Cafe We popped across the street for a dessert to take back to the hotel room. It’s pricey, but macarons! We each got a lavender latte to go with our box of macarons & the lightest tiramisu to split.


Aviary Cafe & Creperie WOW is this place charming! I imbibed in my very first pimms cup & treated myself to a second after delighting in it. Then I treated myself to some affirmations in the restroom. Yeah, you read that correctly. They have post its & pens for patrons to leave affirmations on the restroom mirror. Talk about a feel good meal.

Mudhouse Coffee I popped in out of the rain to this laid back coffee house. The special was a ginger honey latte. It did not disappoint & don’t think I didn’t tell my favorite tea lady about this concoction.

PickleMan’s We grabbed a quick bite before heading out on our return trip. Essentially a Subway, but it was really tasty. We walked across the street for Mae’s Gelateria. I can’t believe we didn’t get a pic at this place. Very yummy.

Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe My husband enjoyed a view of cooks while we enjoyed our breakfast. It was like his own personal food network viewing. It has a standard diner feel, but they did have live music. Reminded me a lot of Lovelace Cafe in Nashville. Just that downhome vibe with a price tag.


Tie&Timber My husband spotted this neighborhood microbrewery so we stopped in for a few. Delicious!


Cafe Mochi This place definitely earned its spot on that top 10 sushi places in St Louis list I had found. My very generous friend took us out for my daughter’s “last sushi dinner” before she left for college. This place was inventive & delectable.


Not quite topping off the month, but basically the biggest thing that happened was moving our daughter into college. Another post will be devoted to her dorm. This picture was taken the morning we said goodbye. I would post the picture with her in it, but she might murder me. She hadn’t brushed her hair, so instead you get this picture she took of me that looks like I’m just wearing an open sweater. Don’t worry there’s a tank top & shorts under there. Also, don’t worry so far I’m surviving. I have a husband & a cat after all.


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