First Impressions 13

By Nature Purifying Charcoal + Manuka Honey Sheet Mask

I spotted this mask at Walmart & decided a nice nourishing bit of self care would be needed after moving my daughter 5hours away.*

Manuka Honey is apparently unique to New Zealand. Its rich in nutrients, vitamins, & amino acids that stimulate & promote healthy looking skin.

As we know charcoal removes dirt & oil build up cleansing, purifying, & balancing skin oils. Basically it’s the best.

All together this mask boasts instance nourishment & protection.

I started with clean skin via my Ole Henriksen face wash.

I situated the mask & laid back. It’s quite saturated so be prepared to dab your neck & ears. There’s a gentle tingle, but nothing startling. I gave it a full 10minutes. It was pretty comfortable.

This is the immediate post mask reveal. A bit of serum is left & feels a bit slimy. I washed it away with warm water.

Normally with charcoal masks I notice impurities immediately pulled to the surface. Not with this product. Maybe the honey minimizes that? My skin definitely felt supple.

It’s been a few days since I used this mask & I’ve noticed some reticent effects. It could also be the weather. We had a few cooler evenings & then a hot streak. A spot or two of acne have popped to the surface & I’ve felt a little oily. Not overly slick, but noticeably oily. I also picked up a packet of this in a regular mask formula. I plan to try it out once my skin settles. We shall see if the honey is making me overly oily or if it was just a fluke.


*I also decided my hair was looking good & I better take advantage of it with a facemask post. Vain much?Bahahaha!

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