Time to Bear Up

Maybe I’ve mentioned once or twice my daughter moved away for college. There’s a lot to unpack with that, but I’d rather talk about what we literally unpacked.

She’s been thinking dorm room since starting her senior year. She started a pinterest board so family would know what style to look for for birthday presents & Christmas gifts the whole year in advance.

Frankly her light, airy, eclectic style was fairly easy to execute. Let’s take a look inside…

We ordered bedding from campus market that is guaranteed to last 4yrs. It’s pretty cozy & was pretty affordable. Sweet throw pillows & a set of twinkle lights strung with clothespinned instax polaroids make for a homey feel. Also, please note my note on her chalkboard. Not only is it great advice, Freaky Friday is a long time favorite movie of ours.

I swear it’s a favorite quote of ours. I yelled it out the car window when I dropped her off on her first day of high school. She seemed to think she should make her board a bit more functional though. Whatever.

Unfortunately her desk did not have a shelf so her trinkets & Elio, the succulent, were a little more cramped than anticipated.

However, it did afford her more space to hang her Newsies inspired & signed art along with some favorite playbills.

We even got her a laptop to match her theme. Okay, that wasn’t on purpose, but the metallic was available so I had to. The rug is actually the first thing I purchased specifically for her dorm. We found it at a little furniture shop down the road from us.

The retro turquoise Keurig was a must have that she found on sale just a week before moving.

Obviously, we couldn’t send her 5hours away without her favorite tea. The mini jug is actually a special mix gifted by Ms. Kylee herself!

And just because I always share what I wore here’s what I wore for the weekend. Yes, we were there the weekend. We left early Sunday. We’re only a bit dramatic.

I was hoping to have bear gear, but it didn’t come in on time. It did show up on her 18th birthday which felt a little dramatic since it was the first birthday we didn’t spend together. Welcome to adulthood, I suppose.

She’s all set up, now she just has to get herself settled in. I’m not worried though, she’s got this.


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