Wardrobe Challenge: Diary Completed

For 28 days I snapped a pic of nearly everything I wore & jotted down each look as well as what I thought about it. The idea for this challenge came from A Small Wardrobe and while my wardrobe is not minimalist this challenge still helps to see how my wardrobe is utilized.

I’ve decided to break this down into a few different categories.





What patterns do I see? Were these expected? I tend to lean towards casual pieces put together with what I hope is seen as chic. *Read, I like a French tuck, lol* Yes, this is expected. It’s something I’ve been cultivating.

Is there something I really like, but don’t wear often? Nothing that comes to mind. I feel like I wear a good mix of things & find ways to incorporate my favorite pieces often.

Is there something missing? Nothing that I would say is a necessity. However, I would like a pair of fashion tennies & some new winter heels.

Do I need to declutter? Possibly, but that will be quite the process. I completed 2 mini challenges (see 1 & 2) while doing this challenge to determine if they should stay or go.* I also remove items as they wear out or I realize I’m never reaching for them. I’ve also learned that just because something is removed because its worn out doesn’t mean it has to be replaced. Maybe I already have something similar to utilize instead or maybe it’s not truly needed & the wear was from poor quality.

I’m not sure I really learned anything specific from this, but I do think I’d like to get back to picking my ootds out more in advance. I think that would be helpful to pinpoint issues because I’d potentially be rotating my clothing more often.


*Please tell me that prompted you to sing to yourself just a little, “come on & let me know, should I stay or should I go.”

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Challenge: Diary Completed

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  2. I am finding that I wear similar things for a period, usually dependent on the season. I am currently all about dresses and shirts with skirts. I put away my laundry today and found I had only worn one pair of jeans in the past 2.5 weeks!

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