Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

Temperatures have still been sweltering, a lovely 90° today, but that’ll turn like the leaves & I wanna be ready.

I felt pretty good about my 28day challenge, but I feel even better when I plan my wardrobe a bit more. I’d like to go into fall with a little more direction than I’ve had lately.


I’m envisioning lots of high waist pants, full tuck tops or French tuck sweaters  creating a kind of 70s vibe.


With a splash of athleisure thrown in.

And a touch of whimsy. I’ve been wanting mesh sockies for awhile. I really need to get them.

Speaking of purchases, a pair of Toms Topanga Collection sneakers are in order. I’m leaning towards the spice.

Other than the socks & sneakers I think I have plenty of pieces in my wardrobe to work with. I may put together a sort of capsule or organize my wardrobe to better facilitate easy access to ensemble combos. Oh boy I feel a project coming on for the weekend.


7 thoughts on “Fall Wardrobe Inspiration

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