Curating Panama City Beach

As ready as I am for fall, I have to share what I wore on our girls trip to Panama City Beach.

What does one where to the beach? Obviously a tube top.

Oh yeah, I got jokes. My friend’s mom may have the best though, “Cassy has innertube beauty.”

Okay, okay, for real. Here’s a look at what I wore that week.

Travel Days:

  • Mamrie Hart charity tee
  • Mumford & Sons concert tee
  • JCrew chino
  • Danskin joggers
  • Maurices sandal

Someone wouldn’t come out on the balcony so we have a seperate snap together.

Our view was stunning.

After taking in the morning view with a cup of coffee we’d make our way down to the beach.

  • Old Navy tropical print sports bra & built in athletic short (yes, I wore workout attire as a swimsuit, so what?) Also, those faded high waist swim bottoms.
  • Danskin sports bra
  • Mudpie hat

I picked up these sunglasses because my metal frames were not beach comfortable. However, they didn’t make it home, a wave took the on our last beach day!


  • Old Navy tank & flip flops
  • Danskin shorts
  • Unknown pineapple har

I really planned to go for a wog in the mornings, but I only managed 1 morning walk. Sleep seemed more my speed 🙂

And the jammies I just couldn’t get out of in the morning:

  • Old Navy tank
  • Aeropostale crop
  • Victoria’s Secret short
  • Faded Glory cardigan

I did manage to get gussied up for dinner a few nights.

  • MTS dress – it has pockets!
  • Maurices sandals

  • Maurices tank
  • Teenbell kimono
  • JCrew chino
  • Lucky Brand pendant
  • Wild Rose Boutique earrings
  • Maurices sandals

  • H&M crop
  • Maurices pant & heels
  • Gray Area Boutique baubles

Our dinner finale was a fine treat at the Grand Marlin.

If you had to guess which drink goes with which girl, do you think you could?

Did you guess Cucutini for Cassy? If you did, I don’t know if that means you know me better than I know myself or not at all cause it surprised the girls!

We had a wonderful week, made a lot of memories, & had some much needed relaxation. This was actually my first time really vacationing at the beach & I definitely won’t go so long without it again. Also, we’re already planning our next adventure.


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