TBT: The Final Homecoming

Senior year holds so many lasts & you want to make them all count. Homecoming is probably the first big last of senior year. As usual, my daughter had a very specific plan for how to make her mark.

Obviously nothing says “I’m at the top” like a badass jumpsuit. It’s cool, it’s chic, it’s fierce as hell.

Spoilers, we could not find these shoes. I feel like I see them all over pinterest, but they are surprisingly difficult to actually come by.

Her entire plan was so simplistic which I think makes an even bigger statement. A smokey eye, coffin nails for a bit of edge with a bouncy ponytail. It’s a real juxtaposition between cheerleader & goth. Not that she’s either, but it’s a style that definitely works.

We found the jumpsuit on Asos for under $100 & the floral embroidered heels from F21 for $25. They may not be the velvet numbers we were looking for, but they work beautifully with this whole sugar & spice vibe.

She had her deep red coffin nails created at our local salon, Dye Pretty. They totally nailed it. Haha, nailed it, coffin, I crack myself up.

Hair & makeup courtesy of our go to girls at Fringe & Merle Norman. The bronze smokey eye is so stunning.

Headstrong, crazy days

When your minds made up & the music plays.

Headstrong, can you feel the beat?

Meltdown, can you feel the heat?

Can’t shake this Ashley Tisdale song when I see this look.


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