What I Wore 1

Since completing my fall closet overhaul with my slouchy 70s athleisure inspiration in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to snap a pic each day & see how my ootds are measuring up.

1. Sunday: Pulling from my nsfw section of my closet, I chose this for a breakfast & Halloween decorating date. Pretty standard weekend casual fare.

2. Monday: It was still 90 out & when I was switching up my wardrobe I realized I hadn’t worn this dress enough. I love this dress & pairing it with a light cardigan was perfect for the weather indoors & out. Also, my pocket watch style pendant adds a touch of whimsy.

3. Tuesday: I worked a late shift Tuesday night so I chose something comfortable & easy. I sized up when I won this cch healthy selfie t & I really like how chic (for a logo work t) it looks knotted.

3. Wednesday: Yep, same pant. I turned around & went in for my regular shift Wednesday morning so I basically pulled on what was the handiest. I tried to do a full tuck, but this blouse did not lend itself to a tidy tuck. So French, split, or no for the future.

4. Thursday: Weight Watcher weigh in day means lightweight attire. The weather turned cooler, so while my jogger & sweatshirt are thin, they are also cozy on a brisk fall day. This is definitely my favorite work look of the week & nearly top of the list overall.

5. Friday: I had the day off, so I got to brave the ridiculously chilly rainy weather to attend the local homecoming parade with my daughter who was home on fall break. I mean, I nailed this look, but how do we go from 90 on Monday to barely 50 on Friday?!

6. Saturday: My favorite ootd this week! Crop top + Adidas track jacket = 70s athleisure for the win. Also, I am heart eyes for this $2 ball cap I picked up at Walmart on a whim.


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