Emmys 2018

Yep, finally got around to watching the awards. I didn’t do any red carpet viewing this year, so I only have what was on air & what I saw on instagram.

Prom Lewks:

Dakota Fanning’s dress is so deceptively intricate. ALL THOSE PLEATS!

Sweetie Pies:

I did not care for Emilia Clarke’s dress overall, but the embroidery is beautiful & I just adore these earrings.

And not about the attire at all, this is hands down the best/sweetest moment of the night. I had already heard about the proposal & I am not a sentimental person, but as soon as this man said “I don’t like saying girlfriend because I want to call you my wife” brought an immediate squee & tear to my eyes. Just fucking precious.

Sex Bo-Bombs:

Vanessa Kirby is just sexual.

Grand Entrances:

Jennifer Lewis taking an amazing risk & making a statement. Also, she must be insanely comfortable.

Alex Bornstein really taking her opportunity to make the most of her acceptance walk. Fun Fact this is her wedding dress from a dissolved marriage that she wanted to give a new life. Mission accomplished.

Jessica Biel just being unbelievably beautiful.

Best Dressed Babysitter & Charge:

Neon Nights:

And let’s take a final moment to enjoy how much Judith Light totally hammed it up on the carpet. Get it, Judith!


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