What I Wore 2

Right to it!

Sunday: I wanted to try out the maxi with sneakers look. I don’t think these are the right sneakers for this maxi.

Monday: I had Monday & Tuesday off work this week so don’t freak out, I didn’t wear this to the office. I basically lounged all day until my husband’s basketball game then threw on some semblance of school colors & headed out.

Tuesday: I got up & around a bit more, but kept it super cas(ual).

Wednesday: Going back for that tight tuck look with my h&m joggers. This worked out better than the blouse last week. Sad news though, my suede cuff broke.

Thursday: Lightly layered up this tiered dress for some serious 70s vibes. Lots of compliments. I gotta pull out my skirts & dresses more often.

Friday: It’s been awhile since I wore my sweetheart jean. Favorite look of the week for sure. This is just effortlessly cool.

Saturday: Working all weekend & sporting my new logo henley. I sized down because the last mens sport style shirt I ordered seems a little too big, but this seems a little small. I may try it tucked in to see how I like that…or maybe I split the side & permanently knot it. Hmm, decisions decisions.

Only 2wks in & while this isn’t a complete style shift I’m still finding my footing.


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