TBT Hallowinning

3 years ago you could say I hit gold with my Halloween costumes. Yes, 3, sometimes I get carried away.

2years ago, I did nothing. I had just started a new job & I wasn’t able to fulfill my supervisory duties while killing it at Halloween.

Last year, I again pulled out all the stops & took home 3 grand prizes.

As I was headed out for ladies night at the local Elks club I discovered it would also be a costume contest. I had seen this idea on pinterest to go as a selfie. Of course I had to put my own spin on it & mocked my ootd posts.


I was dying to go as Joyce Byers. I even suggested a group costume to my squad so I could be Joyce. That was a no go, but I did get the opportunity to dress up for a trivia night. And yeah, I won the costume contest. The trivia not so much!

However, the grandest of grand prizes was awarded at the ARF Howloween Hairball. The Riders was vetoed in favor of The Johhny Depps. Inspiration found via pinterest, of course.

I seriously considered going as Rango.

In the end I opted for Sweeney Todd. Mostly because I wanted to sulk around & angrily sing.


There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit & it’s filled with people who are filled with shit.

I mean, we really do look amazing.

HUGE shout out to Misty & J’ne for helping us pull this look together!

What’s to come this year, you ask? Oh, just wait & see!


PS. My daughter’s last minute Luke Danes deserves all the love as well. I mean, she really nailed his disdain for serving coffee to the Gilmore Girls!

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