Miscellanea October 18


Murphy Brown is back y’all!

The scares are mostly psychological which is my kind of scary.


I finished this up just at the beginning of the month so it didn’t make the September cut. I really enjoyed it.

Ooph, this play is heavy & Carrie Mulligan delivers.

I was going for something Halloween themed, but this was a bit of a disappointment that I didn’t even bother finishing.

I binged about 5 episodes of Dax Shepard’s pod. It’s a lot like Sam Jones’s long form interview show Off Camera, which I love.


This article is fascinating!


Our Quarterly Hang wouldn’t be complete without a shameful game of Cards Against Humanity!


Someone decided to celebrate her first college fall break by celebrating high school homecoming. Also, she misses her cat.


After the local trickle down of Brett Kavanaugh support I just can’t sit idly by. I’m finding ways to be engaged in local politics as well as national because I do care, I care a lot.



Obviously, it’s not October unless my flamingos are incognito. This year along with decorating my own porch Great Pumpkin style, I got to help decorate our courthouse gazebo with my fellow Elk, & I sent supplies to my daughter’s suite so the decorating tradition lives on!


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