What I Wore 5

Sunday: Peep those cute chevron fabric earrings my frand Laurna made that inspired an entire look. Come back Thursday for an o/motd.

Monday: And all the weekend fun & food & circulating stomach bug took vengeance on my gall bladderless body. I chose not to document my mess.

Tuesday: A little stoic with a dash of ballerina vibes on election day. My “I voted” sticker was the best accessory, but I snapped this before leaving the house that morning.

Wednesday: I ❤ this work logo football shirt. It is the most comfortable.

Thursday: Knotting this dress helped keep me from feeling frumpy. It’s a little too much black though, I think.

Friday: Classic basic bish styling for the win. I really like a scarf & bauble layered up to easily zhuzh* up an ensemble.

Saturday: I must’ve missed the black/gray/maroon memo for my in laws Thanksgiving dinner, but that’s okay. Maybe it was a subtle subconscious nod to my blue wave support in a primarily republican family?

BONUS: As mentioned Thursday I had my hair done this weekend. I decided to really make a change taking inspiration from Michelle Williams, Liza Weil, & this fabulous pin:

I did keep to my honey blond intentions though.

It will take some getting used to. It’s been awhile since I’ve had it so short! I’m loving it though!


*Happy Queer Eye-iversary Carson Kressley & the original Fab Five!

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